Battery recycling, reuse and recertification.

We need every battery we have to accelerate our transition to renewable energy.

300 TWh

The world need 300TWh of batteries to fully transition to sustainable.

7 TWh

Total global forecast lithium ion batteries production capacity by 2030.

12M Tons

Estimated amount of batteries retired by 2030.

We need a circular economy to meet the growth in demand for lithium-ion batteries.

Exponential growth in demand for lithium ion batteries with an annual growth of 30-40%.

The future is electric. We want to make it more sustainable.

We are committed to environment. For each battery we produce, another is recycled.

Current challenges.

Most battery packs are difficult to disassemble.

Challenging for second life applications.

Lack of scalable automation processes for reuse/recycling.

Sustainable Design. Automated Solution

Sustainable Design. Automated Solution.

Sustainable design.

We design battery packs to be reusable from the get-go.

Disassembly automation.

We develop automation solutions to enable battery disassembly, reuse and recycling.

Reuse and recycling.

We develop second life solutions for retired EV batteries.